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Pamplona Spain

Two weeks ago, Bren and I set out on an adventure to Spain for my brother's wedding. We arrived in Madrid and took the train out to Pamplona, where my sister in law is from. An incredible week later, I'm blown away by the experiences we had, the food we enjoyed, the sights, and the amazing new family I now have.

We started out the week in Pamplona, meeting Edurne's family and friends for dinner and brushing off some serious jet lag!

The next morning we took to the streets of Pamplona to explore the old city and then have a picnic with friends before the wedding.

Later on, we traveled by bus to Finca Pago de Arinzano, the vineyard where the wedding was being held. We skirted past a rain storm to arrive just in time for a tour of the grounds and then to settle in for the ceremony. The entire night was perfect in every way and I am so thrilled for my brother and sister in law!

After staying out waaaayyy past my bed time, we woke up early the next morning to travel by car to San Sebastien, a beautiful little ocean city in Basque country at the French border.

After dodging a bit of rain again, we set off north, deeper into Basque country to a tiny beach called Itzurun. Here, Game of Thrones fans will possibly recognize this view as Dragon Stone. The light here was incredible, as the sun was finally starting to peak out and we jumped through the rising tide to check out the cave entrance. I was a little disappointed to see that the cave was just a small entrance in the rock, but still an incredible view.

Friday morning began the Festival of San Fermin, or as it's also known, the Running of the Bulls Ceremony. Bren and I missed the memo to wear white, so we stuck out like a sore thumb. But we made the best of it and jumped right into the opening ceremony. We waited in the center plaza (Plaza Consistorial), drinking beer and sangria while the anticipation builded. At noon the intensity exploded and the white clothing quickly turned pink as people sprayed wine all over themselves and others. Thankfully we were in a group of our friends and family so we didn't get sprayed too much! Once the square is packed the crowd started to move in waves and everyone throws their red bandanas up in the air before placing them around the neck. I only wish we could have gotten a balcony seat, because I'm betting the view of the crowd celebrating was so exciting. We then pushed a bit further into the center of town to a smaller plaza where we stocked up on sangria and waited in front of a fountain. This fountain in particular is very interesting because the local wait and encourage foreigners to climb on top of the fountain and jump off. Thankfully while we were there, no one was dumb enough to jump but a few did try to climb.

Eventually it was time to say our goodbyes and head back to our apartment to pack for our train that would take us to Barcelona.

Adventures in Barcelona to come in a second post!

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